Adorable Pictures Of Angel The Cat Living Her Best Life

This is Angel. Look at her perky ears and her bright green eyes. Nothing screams curious cat more than that little expression of hers.

Apparently, she is also a chef. She doesn’t go halfway on anything though. She has the hat and the outfit to back her claim.

When you’re a chef, you also have a taste for the finger things in life. For Angel, that includes wine. Sitting back to enjoy a glass is right up her alley.

Like most internet starts, Angel likes looking at herself. Who can blame her? If I were as good looking as her I probably would, too.

Fame is a lot of to handle, so going out to a party is a must. It helps you let loose and have a great time! For Angel, this usually leads to waking up in your clothes from the night before.

She’s also great at pampering herself. A spa day is the best day, and cozying up with a blanket sounds like a perfect day to her. Where can I sign up for this program?

Like I mentioned earlier, she likes looking at herself. But she’s got to hype herself up pretty regularly to maintain a healthy level of self-confidence. This is why she chooses to kiss herself in the mirror in the morning – I get it!

After she’s done her daily affirmations and is feeling confident, she’s ready to get an outfit together. She’s a fashionista, and it’s never exactly what you expect. That being said, it always looks great.

Finding the perfect outfit requires a lot of hard work. That’s okay though because Angel puts in the effort. I think she’s doing a killer job – how about you?

Posing for the camera is a skill of Angel’s. She’s great at modeling and fashion, but a glass of wine makes everything easier. It’s just a fact of life.

She can dress fancy but she can also go super casual. I must admit, she’s killin’ the casual game, too.

Outfits are difficult to create, so once she’s finally there, she treats herself! Just like the rest of us, Angel likes lattes, so that’s exactly what she gets.

Naturally, breakfast comes next, and if you didn’t pick up on it earlier, she doesn’t cook without her chef’s hat. It helps the food taste better.

After all this hard work, some relaxation is pretty nice. Angel’s preference is tanning. Don’t worry – she has the outfit to go with it.

She’s a classy woman, so while she’s eating lunch, she is sure to wipe her mouth and stay clean. The last thing she wants is for someone to catch her off guard and snap a bad photo! You always have to be ready if you’re an internet sensation.

Shopping is also a big part of her life. It’s a passion and staying up to date on what’s in and what’s not is a large part of Angel’s day which obviously means shopping, shopping, shopping.

After a long day, there’s nothing like sitting back and watching some TV. Pop on some slippers, grab a drink and lean back. Oh, and don’t forget the chips.

It’s been a long day for Angel. She closes her eyes, cuddles up to her toys and goes to bed for the day. Tomorrow, she’ll do it all over again

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