Caracal Kittens Are Some Of The Most Fascinating Cats Around

Instagram: ig_animallover

Yes, they’re fierce and adorable at the same time. Just look at him, ready to pounce! And those ears! He looks regal like he could be hanging out outside of the pyramids or on a pharaoh’s lap. Have you ever seen a cat like this before? Neither have we.


The meaning of the word “caracal” in Turkish is black ears, and it’s clearly a fitting name for this type of kitty. They are also known as “desert lynx”, “African lynx” or “Persian lynx.” Lynx? Yeah, we’re definitely getting into new territory now! They’re technically not part of the lynx family, but there is definitely a resemblance.


It’s not surprising to find out that Caracal kittens were considered to be very sacred animals in Egypt. There were many painted pictures of them on the walls of temples, pyramids, and tombs. They were even sculpted into giant statues to guard pharaohs’ sacred tombs. We could totally see this being the case!


You can typically find the Caracal in the savannas. You can also find them in the African deserts and Southwest Asia or in tropical grasslands. The caracal is considered to be medium-sized. In general, it can reach 16-20 inches in length, can weigh up to 40 pounds, and can grow to be up to 31 inches.

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While they can make great pets, they’re also not cheap. A Caracal is actually one of the priciest cat breeds there is. They can cost as much as 11,000, and that’s before you even have to care for them. On a yearly basis, you’re in for quite the added expense.

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