People Who Forgot To Check The Background While Taking Selfies

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Hey, dad. Do you, uh, smell something? No? Okay. I’m just a baby what do I know? Maybe next time move the camera a little so it doesn’t look like Fido is dropping a deuce on my head. K, thanx!

“All I know is it’s totally cool to live with your ma if you have big arms. It’s actually a good deal; she cooks my food and helps me with my, uh, vitamins.” No, man. It’s not cool.  Maybe spend a little less time at the gym. Your biceps have biceps.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the spider was radioactive, bit one of these girls and turned her into a superhero like Spiderman? Only problem is the friend would be, like, super jelly… Either way, develop a little situational awareness for God’s sake.

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Nothing says “best friends” like a little dog butt in a selfie. Something tells me he knew what he was up to. Maybe next time include him in the shot? This is clearly an act of jealousy. Poor guy just wanted a little attention.

She’s totally, like, way too ready for a night out to get distracted by that horrifying canine barking through her window…

Selfie Photography 101: If you’re going to take a picture of yourself while you’re dropping a deuce, either Photoshop it, or hold the camera a little higher. Lesson learned! Unless, of course, you’re just proud of being potty-trained…

“Has anyone seen Kevin?” “I’m right over here guys. Just celebrating like the rest of you!” Sure you are, Kevin. Maybe next time wait until the rest of the team leaves the locker room before you, uh, celebrate.

Selfies are an art form, no question there. Sometimes they go well and sometimes they—WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THAT MIRROR?! It’s like she’s melting. Make it stop! Make it stop!

Hey, whether traffic is real or it’s a figment of your imagination, it’s still a total bummer. Wait a second? Are you stuck behind Wonder Woman? Is that Wonder Woman’s invisible car? Damn, that is a bummer. What’s holding her up?

Yes. Finally. This man, after years of trial-and-error, has managed to build a time machine. His first mission? Kidnap himself and wear the same outfit. Oh, the miracles of science! With great power comes great responsibility.

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